What the heck is Fascia and what does it do for me?

Many magazines, health journals, and news stories tell us that healthy fascia is key to a healthy lifestyle.  Leaving many to wonder what exactly fascia is and where it is in our bodies.  How does fascia help us in our everyday lives?  What happens to it as we age?  Why is myofascial release the type of bodywork recommended to keep us pain free and moving easily?

As a massage therapist with extensive training in John Barnes Myofascial Release,  I’ve answered these questions countless times.  Now, you can read the answers and more in my article from the March 2016 issue of Good Health Magazine.  On page 19, you’ll find an easy to understand summary of what fascia is, where it’s located in the body, and what it does.

In next month’s blog,  I’ll explain in more detail about why waiting 3-5 minutes minimum for fascia to release is crucial.

Click the link below for Lorrie’s article on page 19:


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