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The childbearing year refers to the twelve-month journey of a woman’s body through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and recovery. Experiencing this natural cycle can be one of the most powerful events in a woman’s life. Let yourself be cared for on your journey with the nurturing support of individualized bodywork. Your therapist will help you, your baby, and your body blossom.

During Pregnancy:
More doctors and midwives than ever are recommending pre-natal massage. It’s a completely safe, natural, drug-free method of relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy. Massage can be performed in all three trimesters, and is modified with the use of comfortable bolsters in trimesters two and three. You may receive pre-natal massage up until your day of delivery. It not only feels good, regular pre-natal massage can help you maintain your active lifestyle.

Some benefits of pre-natal massage:

Assists the circulatory and lymphatic systems
Reduces edema
Alleviates stress on weight bearing joints
Eases sore muscles
Eases pressure and pain to the nervous system
Promotes release of emotional and physical tension

After Pregnancy:
Midwives have long considered the three months after giving birth the “fourth trimester”. Your body continues its journey with the onset of lactation and the slow return of the body into it’s pre-pregnancy state. During this time of continued changes and new demands, supportive bodywork can be essential in helping you be your best for baby.

Evergreen Advanced Bodywork | Post-natal Massage

Pre-Natal Massage:
60-minute session: $80
90-minute session: $115

Post-Natal Bodywork:
60-minute session: $80
90-minute session: $115

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Late Cancellation Policy: Clients cancelling less than 24hrs in advance will be charged 50% of the session fee.
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